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Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for January 23, 2023

Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for January 23, 2023:
Go lightly. With the Sun fully in Aquarius we can turn our attentions to the things that give a cozy or laid back feeling, both on a personal level as well as a social one. There's some auspicious transits as the week goes on that promote teamwork and moving forward in a more leisurely manner. Take your time when making decisions. New perspectives require new approaches to mundane tasks. At 9:36 am (PST/USA + 8 hrs UK) the Moon will enter Pisces. That will add to the rather sweet feel in the air. Step back from drama. A sense of humor will be a great shield.
Moon in Pisces tends to blur the barriers between realms and timelines. You can increase your psychic gifts now. Ask to see ahead and then look with your third eye and listen to the nudges from Spirit. Since the day will be mellow use Lemon Balm and Pyrite or Citrine to add a bit of fire, spark, and abundance. The big, big picture energies are going to move rapidly, so be rested and aware of the outer world machinations. Trust in your gifts and yourself.
🌠Venus will enter Pisces on Thursday. Romance and the rekindling of love will weave themselves into the vibratory fabric. Let your heart speak! For Personal Tarot Readings visit or

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