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Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for January 29, 2023

Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for January 29, 2023:
Balance. The adventuresome side of the Sun in Aquarius gets restless with the slow, comfy oriented mood of the Taurean Moon. Of course, the key is to find a happy medium which requires patience. If traveling isn't in the plans use your time to explore new subjects. The mind can be your vehicle today. You could be faced with disruptions so go slow and be mindful that it will all pass. Cosmic hint: The Moon will enter Gemini early tomorrow (USA). Then, the vibes will start flowing again.
Check your mood. If you want to fire up some energy use Lemon Balm and Pyrite. Mars and the Sun play nice with each other today. Still feeling the love vibes? Use Lavender and Garnets. Lavender will help heal any out of sorts emotions that may be laying around. You may be more inclined to stay up late because the vibes are more conducive to developing projects, learning alot about something new, or planning your coming week. With all the work you've done in getting to know yourself, you've got this! Create a beautiful day!
🌠 February 2nd (next Thursday) some believe the 2-2 portal will bring the start of very noticeable multidimensionality here on planet Earth. Also, it will be Candlemas or Groundhog Day. Linear time and timelines may get wonky. You may hear of or see doppelgangers.

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