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Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for Tuesday May 17, 2022

Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for May 17, 2022:
Take a few deep breaths and allow the sunny vibes of Moon in Sagittarius brighten your outlook. Relationships and creativity will get a boost as Moon in Sagittarius insists on tapping into the positive aspects of life. The Full Moon/Eclipse energies are still in effect and causing moments of deep introspection. It's good to start releasing - slowly, as Sun in Taurus isn't so sure you should do that - the things you need to leave behind. For example, shedding jobs, weight, beliefs, people, or locations will be cosmically supported. Be honest. There are new things waiting to fill up space in your life.
Moon in Sagittarius can help with the majorly sluggish energies as the Sun wraps up his stay in Taurus. Neptune is also on the playground creating foggy memories and forgetfulness. It's okay to not push yourself so hard. Relaxing is a form of healing. You may need to program a Clear Quartz crystal to boost your own physical energies today. Add a pinch of Cinnamon to your coffee, also. The hips and thighs can be achy and vulnerable today. Take time to talk and socialize. Tomorrow, the Moon will move into Capricorn where work, again, becomes the priority. The Sun will move into Gemini on Friday, the 20th (USA). The emphasis will then be on getting out and gathering information or in starting a string of new adventures. Mars will enter Aries on the 24th/25th. Then, there'll be lots of cosmic energy to push along your path.
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