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Clear Quartz!!!!!

Everyone talks about Clear Quartz being the master healer but what makes it so special?
Clear quartz crystals are a mineral (chemical compound or element) formed naturally in a variety of manners, such as through the Earth’s crust. A common mineral, quartz can be formed in a variety of colors, but is often gray or white. When clear and transparent, the stones are called “rock crystals.” Naturally occurring in most rocks, quartz is considered the hardest of all the common minerals. Silicon and oxygen atoms form together creating silicon dioxide, which is the foundation of clear quartz crystals. In fact, a quartz crystal weighing 48 tons and measuring roughly 20 feet (ca. 6 m) long was discovered in Brazil, and is said to be the largest quartz crystal ever found to date!
Did you know that the sand on beaches is comprised primarily of eroded clear quartz crystals? These grains of quartz are also found along river beds and the surrounding soil. Clear quartz crystals take on many different crystal formations, such as generator and cluster crystals as well. Generator clear quartz crystals may be found with either a single point (whether it be formed naturally or shaped artificially) or in a cluster. Single points are often created in such a manner that the point faces upwards. They are formed as “magnificent crystals” with a six sided hexagon shape beneath the pyramid-like leading point. Generating clusters of clear quartz crystals have many points that extend outwards to create and project energy from each.
Clear quartz crystals are considered a highly programmable and amplifying stone used for healing, cleansing and clearing. This stone resonates with all the chakras and assists in healing heart, body and mind. As this stone vibrates with the energy of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, it has many uses, including connection with our Higher Selves, sending prayers, enhancing meditation, and helping to manifest goals. Intentions are magnified through the healing use of clear quartz crystals, as well as a positive reprogramming of our thoughts.

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