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Its Tarot Tuesday at Gypsy Moon Apothecary!!!!

Its "Tarot Tuesday" here at Gypsy Moon Apothecary!!!! I've drawn three cards for you today...... concentrate on ONE card that you are drawn to and write your pick in the comment section below. I will reveal the meanings of the cards in a second post 🙂 See how the card you chose resonates with you! Enjoy! As always, if you are looking for a Personal Tarot Reading you can visit or

#1 The Emperor: When the Emperor appears in a reading, its a sign of financial stability, ambition, authority and also achievement. You need to keep a calm head at this time, make decisions based on facts and not be overly influenced by your emotions. This is a powerful card and a wonderful omen for business and career matters!
#2 This card is perhaps everything the merchant shown in the Four was worrying about. The Five of Pentacles supplies warning of paying careful attention to your financial affairs to guard against loss, so this isnt the time to head for the shops and indulge in a spot of retail therapy! Temporary hardships are indicated and may be felt on a financial or even an emotional level, yet help is at hand if you look more closely. Money or resources could be lacking, so take time to carefully review financial affairs to ensure everything is in order.
#3 When the Fool appears in a reading it suggests that the unexpected opportunities will suddenly appear that can bring welcome changes. You need to remain open as it will involve the need to make a major choice, seemingly out of the blue!
I hope this resonates with you! Enjoy!
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