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Gypsy Moon Apothecary Herbal Knowledge!

Hello, I’m Garlic. 🧄
🧄 A lot of people hate the way I smell but I swear I'm here to help!
🧄 If you don’t like my strong flavor, you can dry me and put me into capsules, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can benefit from my sulfurous compounds only if you use me fresh, chopped fine or crushed.
🧄 But do you know that, more often than not, you actually destroy all of my legendary health benefits? That’s because you always throw me in the pan right after chopping!
🧄 I come bearing gifts! One of them is allicin. In order to activate this compound, you just have to crush, chew or slice my cloves. Just make sure you keep me away from the pan for 10 minutes, so the maximum allicin is created and stays intact during cooking. It’s THAT easy!
🧄 I’m sure you’ve also heard I ward off blood-suckers… but that’s only because Bram Stoker used me to keep mosquitoes away one night! Ticks hate me too!
🧄But I don’t want you to hate me! I can help you with your colds, sore throats, I relieve bloating and lower blood pressure as well! So keep me close!
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