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Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for February 7, 2023

Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for February 7, 2023:
Fixing it all. The Moon's in Virgo today and that means that keeping to routines and being tidy are weirdly comforting. Under usual circumstances we can see the wisdom in sticking to the tried and true. But, Uranus, by virtue of the Sun in Aquarius and its meeting Venus today, will send some shake it up energies to make the day interesting. You could find yourself needing to prioritize where you'll focus and when. First, remind yourself that you don't need to be in on, let alone fix, everything or everyone. If there's any fixing to be done, work on just yourself. Otherwise, resolve to be a team player and do your best to create solutions or products.
Relationships could be bumpy as Venus in Pisces can get rattled by the nature of freedom loving Uranus. Serious words or meetings may come to a stalemate or spiral out of control. The most likely cause is that not everyone will find the page they need to be on. It will pass. So, save the heavy stuff for another day. Do your best and then let go. Do not overthink the day's events. In fact, the creativity and cooperation you seek will be easier to tap into on Wednesday. A sense of humor will smoothe out the rough edges, today.
🌠The stress you feel now may be gone by the end of the week. Pay attention to signs or intuitive hunches that come your way. Assess what you feel you need. Success? Try Citrine and Lemon Balm. Abundance? Cinnamon and Citrine will work. Love? Rose and Rose Quartz. Healing? Lavender and Clear Quartz. Remember: no matter what you use as tools - your highest intentions are what connect and draw in the vibes you desire. For personal Tarot Readings visit or

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