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Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for Thursday August 18, 2022

Gypsy Moon Apothecary's Astro-Vibe for August 18, 2022:
The Cosmos has upped its game. An intense standoff between the Leo Sun and Taurean Moon can make it seem like plans are falling apart or you are off schedule somehow. Your body could be feeling the brunt of not only the Sun and Moon, but also the current solar storms that will last through the weekend. Be kind to yourself and focus on what you can accomplish, then let the rest go for today. Others can seem out of sorts, so be careful how you approach them. It may end up that you need to go off on your own for a few hours.
Intense vibes bring anxiety. Turn those fear based thoughts into action by doing things rather than fretting about them. You may need to really monitor your thoughts today as the cosmic energies can really create chaos. Concentrate on those things that give you joy. Venus and Jupiter are in agreement that it's time for a little fun and even romance. Put a little Cinnamon in your coffee and wear Bronzite or Tiger's Eye to give you an added layer of protection. Lavender or Sage can also do the same. Watch for stomach issues as both Leo and Taurus love to overindulge. Check in with yourself often. Reports of feeling disconnected, lost, a lack of clarity, or ringing ears are common now. It's a day to be in your core and aware of your surroundings, too. Rest tonight. The Sun, Moon, and Mars are all moving into their respective next signs over the weekend. A change in outcomes could leave you very surprised. Be sure to send out positive intentions and gratitude.
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