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Its "Tarot Tuesday" at Gypsy Moon Apothecary!!!!!!

It's "Tarot Tuesday" here at Gypsy Moon Apothecary! Free General Reading!!! Concentrate on the 3 cards, IN YOUR MIND- ask one question you would like answered, then pick a card!!!! ... Visualize which card number you feel is your card. Once you pick your card and in your mind, ask the question you want answered, scroll down to see the reveal. 🙂 As always if you would like a personal Tarot Reading you can contact me via my website at or my Ecwid Store to make your purchase! I use Astrology, Numerology and Intuition in all my readings. Get your questions answered!!! You can also follow me on Facebook at for weekly readings and much more!!!!


The Reveal!!!! 

What number card did you choose????? Here are the meanings of the cards.  Use these Intuitive readings to navigate through your questions!!! 

The Hierophant:

The Hierophant may indicate help from a wise, trusted person such as a mentor, teacher, or religious figure...usually one who is respected in the local community but certainly someone whom the client holds in trust and high regard.

This card frequently refers to large institutions such as hospitals, educational establishments, government offices, churches, or large organizations.  It also suggests conformity and conventional, set ways of working or thinking, where it is difficult to implement change.

It can be representative of following traditional values and moral ethics, or the need to find a deeper meaning to life in the exploration of spiritual matters. 

Eight of Cups:

The word most associated with this card is "abandonment"  The eight of cups are behind the figure, which represents the emotional investment given previously.  Just as this card shows, you now turn your back on the situation and walk away from it, as it no longer fulfills you.   Therefore, it shows abandoning something through disappointment. 

It must be remembered that the action of walking away from the situation is a choice.  Frequently this represents something that has held you back for a long time, but due to the amount of emotional investment, you found it difficult to walk away and move on, even though inwardly you may have been aware for some time that you felt  disillusioned.  Finally, a new path is pursued!!! 

The Sun:

The Sun is one of the most positive cards in the Tarot, for it brings happiness, success, and triumphs, excellent relationships, a happy marriage, contentment, prosperity and good health!

The sun tends to sine favorably upon any situation.  When this card is present, it is important to make the most of its favorable aspects.  

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